Sponsorship of Children​


In Guinea, the literacy rate is low with a low percentage of girls. This is often due to poverty of the family. Indeed, parents prefer to send boys to school with the little they have, and book the girl for housework and, later, for early marriage. This year, thanks to the sponsorship, 17 girls had the chance to go to school.

"Hope is still possible."

Fatoumata SAKO is 17 years old. Her parents divorced when she was 11 years old. Elder of 5 children, she stayed with her brothers and sisters at her father's house. Her father having no job, Fatoumata had to leave the school in 6 grade for 2 years, lack of financial means. In 2012, she returns to school thanks to the support of FAF which assures the full coverage of her school fees, clothing and school supplies. Today she is in grade 10. She redoubles this class because she failed last year in her exam. In fact, her father having not remarried, it is her responsibility to look after her brothers and sisters and domestic work.


This situation prevents her to concentrate in school. "Without the help of FAF, I would not have gone back to school, and I'm afraid, because if this helps stops, I will not go to school because I do not have anyone to pay for it." Fatoumata tells us, looking serious. "With the help of FAF, I realized that God had not abandoned me and that hope is still possible for me. Today, I hope to study and become a doctor later. What I would like most of all is to become a pediatrician and take care of the children, our country, our people need it." She asserts with that glimmer of hope and confidence in her eyes, and that smile that never leaves her. She ends by saying "I have no other words to express my gratitude to FAF than thanks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love you give me."

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