Soap Making​


In Guinea, almost a fifth of women do not have any income-generating activities. This keeps them in a state of permanent poverty and dependence. Indeed, many women are unemployed, with no source of income. They are totally supported by their husbands. The received training allows recipients to undertake activities whose revenues help them meet their needs. The following testimonies illustrate well the contribution of this economic activity in the life of the beneficiaries.

"The love of my life"

Mrs. TOURE Ruth is responsible of Enta-Fassa group, which makes the manufacture of soap and dyeing in Enta. She was trained on that in 2013 by FAF. She too, in turn, trained other women and organized them in the Enta church to conduct the activity. To date, this group has about fifty members. Mrs. TOURE explains: "The organization is simple, these women meet once a week to make soap for the group, and the proceeds from this sale are donated to the church on behalf of the group. However, each woman manufactures on her own and keeps the income to support herself. It is an income-generating activity that supports women immensely." Ms. TOURE is very enthusiastic about her own experience: "Just after the training, I started to carry out the activity.


In addition to the first team, I also learned to make soap powder, liquid soap and toilet soap. I do not have many problems to sell the products. Indeed, given the quality, customers come back from themselves. The profit on sales is not too big but it's a big support for me. Personally, I am responsible for 16 people and, thank God, with the money that this activity brings me in addition, I get out of it. "But Mrs. TOURE did not stop there. She trained many other women, both Christian and non-Christian, free of charge. "I trained them with great joy because I love this activity. Yes, in soap making, I found the love of my life!" she concludes with a big smile while thanking God for the life of FAF and all his donors.

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