Sewing and Embroidery​

"A new breath of life"


Angeline Lamah, 37, was trained by FAF in embroidery and fabric bag making in 2009. At the time, she was married and had no source of income. She totally depended on her husband. After receiving the training, her husband put a small fund at her disposal which allowed her to start practicing her training at home. So she started to buy fabric and make embroidered sheets for resale. In 2010, with the help of FAF she took a shop in town to allow her to expand her business. She had to take a girl to help her to be able to make more sheets in the month. However, in 2014, following her divorce and the increase in the rent of the shop, she had to give up the premises to resume work at home.


"Sewing is my new breath of life." We Angeline says. "You wonder why, simply because without this activity I do not know where I would be today Now divorced, I have three people in my charge But I give thanks to God because the sewing makes us live without having to beg. My charges are increased because I only have an old embroidery machine that keeps breaking down. In addition, after the embroidery I have to send the sheets for finishing in other workshops because I do not have the machine adapted for that and it is a cost. If not today we would live like kings with this activity, "she proudly adds with a broad smile. Finally, she thanks the donors who gave her this new breath of life.

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