It is the goal of Women Helping Women, Inc. to campaign on behalf of women and provide resources that will enable them to move from a state of desperation to independence and self-sufficiency. Click on an image below to learn more about three of our current ministry locations.  Femme Aide Femme (FAF) is the representation in Guinea of the American NGO Women Helping Women (WHW). Active since 2004, it intervenes in favor of women and girls vulnerable. In addition to support of all kinds, it supports women's associations in training activities to promote their financial empowerment and social integration.

Femme Aide Femme (FAF)
Femme Aide Femme (FAF) is the representation in Guinea of the American NGO Women Helping Women (WHW). Active since 2004, it intervenes in favor of women and girls vulnerable.
Sponsorship of Children
During this year, 22 children, including 17 girls, were sponsored in four partner schools. These children benefited from paying their school fees, as well as school uniforms and supplies. In addition, we took care of children's clothing and sanitary expenses as much as possible. Moreover, an educational monitoring was provided for each child.
Sewing and Embroidery
During this year, 11 girls were trained in sewing and 5 in embroidery, for a total of 16. Like most of the beneficiaries of our actions, these girls are either orphans or from divorced families. / or poor.
The Forum on Sustainable Culture
Eighty percent of the Guinean population lives mainly from agriculture. However, production remains insufficient in relation to demand. This is mainly explained by the fact that the Guinean farmers mostly practice subsistence farming, with the means and often inadequate farming techniques. In addition, women working in agriculture derive little pecuniary benefit for a tremendous amount of work.
Conakry, Guinea, West Africa
We have served over 300 women and girls in this ministry, and within the last year,  we have added a program to care for the Street Children of Conakry. Find out more about our ministry in Conakry, Guinea by clicking on the image above. 
Soap Making and Dyeing
In this component, we organized a training of trainers. Thus, we trained fifteen women from several localities. These women were trained for two days in Conakry. To date, only two associations are functional. This is the group Enta-Fassa and T6. For lack of financial means, the other women could not set up their own business and have abandoned the activity
Capacity Building

These meetings were organized in collaboration with the COFIG (Coalition of Women and Girls of Guinea). They trained 50 women per meeting. At the end of the training, the women committed themselves to organizing training sessions in their communities on the issues discussed.

Hagar's House
At Hagar's House, a homeless shelter for single mothers and two-parent families, we adopted the large family room on the first floor to refresh the room, each time a new family moves in.  This project occurs 4-5 times per year. Each exiting family keeps the items to start life in their new home.
Atlanta, Georgia
WHW, Inc. supports five (5) women's shelters in the greater Atlanta area. Click on the image above to learn more about our ministry in the Greater Atlanta area. 

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