Femme Aide Femme

During this year, we met many difficulties in the implementation of our activities. These difficulties can be summarized as follows:


  • Very limited financial means for the implementation of large-scale activities;

  • Cases of abandonment of activities. Several women have been trained in soap making and sewing but many have not been able to put into practice the training received for lack of funding; they had to give up altogether.


​The main areas of intervention of FAF are:


  • social and humanitarian actions;

  • empowerment and integration of women and girls;

  • capacity building;

  • education and trades;

  • health, hygiene and environment;

  • peace and sustainable development.


As prospects FAF would implement an integrated project which is being developed. This project includes an advocacy component and a women's empowerment component through sustainable agriculture. In the advocacy component, we will undertake with communities advocacy for the abandonment of FGM and forced marriage. Indeed, these practices are common in Guinea. With 97% of women affected by female genital mutilation, Guinea is the second country in the world where this practice exists.


Regarding forced marriage, 54.6% of girls aged 18 have already contracted marriage. We, therefore, intend to sensitize the population to abandon this violation of women's rights. In terms of the empowerment component, we will train women in sustainable agriculture with activities that will allow them to financially support themselves and look after their families.


We will soon be submitting this project not only to Women Helping Women for funding research at the US level but we will also be conducting a search for local funding in Guinea.


The actions of FAF are much appreciated by the people in view of its seriousness in the work, as a Christian structure. To date, we have received many requests from vulnerable women and girls who are expecting a lot from FAF. In order to meet these expectations, we need financial support. It must also be emphasized that showing the love of Christ through our works is an open door to evangelization in Guinea, which is a very highly Islamized country.

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