Conakry, Guinea, West Africa​

The programs in Africa are operated by the indigenous people of the region. We believe this is the most effective tool for self-sufficiency and independence of women. The following represents a snapshot of activities that the women have engaged in to generate a living: Soap making; sewing fabric dyeing; embroidery; jewelry and art objects farming other outreach activities related to training and mentoring. 


We have served over 300 women and girls in this ministry, and within the last year,  we have added a program to care for the Street Children of Conakry. These children are either orphaned or deserted by parents who could not afford to feed them. Women Helping Women, Inc. will provide shelter, food, school uniforms and supplies for at least 50 children. 


Other women, young girls and children are in need of our services but lack of financial resources limits Femme Aide Femme (French for Women Helping Women). The goals of the ministry is to serve in all 32 major population centers in Guinea, and expand beyond the borders to serve women in the surrounding countries in West Africa. We know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. 

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